Manual is a portfolio of Krzysztof Lewiński. Designer, architect & more...

Websites, interfaces, flash animation, logotypes, identity, print design, illustrations, 3d graphics and animation, interior design & more...

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I aim for simplicity, uniqueness, and functionality.
I'm versatile and precise. I draw, animate, design graphics, and architecture. And I love mobile phones.

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My portfolio spans across over 15 years of experience in designing.
It’s well over a hundred of projects. Big and small. In various disciplines.
Below you’ll find a selection of most significant ones, ones I like the most and consider to be the best.

Finger Keyboard

2010, interface

Touch-screen mobile phones are great. Text input by means of on-screen keyboard on „Omnia” can be difficult though. I wanted to increase typing speed and decrease number of mistakes. That’s why I created my own keyboard layout for brilliant „Finger Keyboard” app. It turned out to be an interesting usability experiment. I made 5 layouts tweaking each one a little bit. Conclusion? Increasing key spacing was the trick that greatly improved typing expeience.

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Tomasz Banasiak

2009, Website

A website I designed for a young lawyer. It was needed to be both modern and a little bit vintage. I decided to go for a very simple layout and vivid colour scheme to take care of „modern”. Vintage feel was achieved by using a wood texture and appropriate lettering.

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2009, User interface

Poland will be adopting euro as a currency in future. Polish Ministry of Finance needed two currency converters. Both desktop and mobile versions were required. I designed them.

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Leszek Balcerowicz

2009, Website

Professor Leszek Balcerowicz is one of the most important politicians and economists in Poland’s history. This kind of a personality speaks for itself. It doesn’t need to be adorned with too much graphics. Thus the website I designed is very simple. There are two kinds of content - current and pertaining to historical events. I used two-colour, horizontally divided layout to accentuate that.

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2009, Logotype, US mobile phones information portal was launching its sister site - They held a contest for a logo. I submitted my entry. I didn’t win but still consider my designs a good ones.

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2009, website, logotype

Logofago's aim is to improve quality of logotypes used by various businesses. It will offer quality readymade logotypes for a very competitive price. I designed Logofago's logo & website. Flag I used for a logo and main navigation bar was an obvious source of inspiration as flag's purpose is to identify.

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Private apartment

2009, interior design

Creating comfortable everyday living space required significant rearrangement of existing layout. This allowed to create comfortable and spacious living room and clearly separate master and children bedroom from it. This project is in development - first pictures should appear in Q1 2010.

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2009, website, logotype

PlusPlus is a name of internet affiliate program. Logo I designed conveys the idea of partnership and benefit. It can also be read literally as „plus plus”. Clear and simple.

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2008, logotype

Logotype I designed for a small business dealing in electronics and computers. All the attempts to combine gazelle and a computer seemed trivial. I decided to go for a form that is shapely and elegant. Like a gazelle.

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Momo Polska

2008, logotype

Logotype for food and beverages company.

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2008, logotype

A proposition to change a logotype of Novamed - a company selling medical equipment. It just poped into my mind and I wanted to see if it'll catch on. A concept is based on a nice form of a band that gently envelops things. I gave it a shape of „n” „v” and „m” letters from the company's name. Ultimately my design wasn’t used but it was rated very high.

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2008, website, art direction

Promotional website for a residential and commercial building complex. Website I designed uses many rendered 3d visualisations and animations. They were created under my guidance to integrate smoothly into the layout.

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2008, website, user interface

I redesigned e-banking interface of Poland’s largest internet bank. User interface I designed took into account results of usability tests and made mBank’s e-banking website more usable. Some elements of my project were implemented.

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2008, website, flash, logotype, identity, interior design

A new brand for luxurious car dealer was created from scratch. Apart from creating a logotype and website I designed flash presentation and identity elements including guidelines for car showrooms arrangement.

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2008, illustration

Set of illustrations for a booklet I designed as a gift.

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2008, website, user interface, flash, animation

Biggest website I’ve designed so far. A portal for Poland’s largest drugstore chain. At first a website with various informatory content (articles, audio/video, FAQ’s, forums) was created. In next stages it was expanded by linking to product database, contest component, music section, horoscopes. This assignment also included designing infokiosk user interface and numerous smaller productions (banners, visuals, ads).

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2007, illustration, print design

Various prints for t-shirts

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Lipski i Wujek

2007, website

Redesign of a website for architectural design company

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Pods, Orchids

2007, illustration, interior design

Large prints designed to be attached to the walls as a decorative element for interiors I designed

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2006, architecture

Small and simple house built on wooden framework. I wanted to give it clean and modern form and look. I think it worked out well.

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Abart Development

2006-2009, website, logotype, identity, print design

From 2005 to 2006 I’ve worked in Abart. My main job was supposed to be assisting in creating concepts of luxury apartment buildings Abart builds. As it turned out my graphic skills came into play. Quite naturally I initiated a refinement of Abart’s logotype and creation of identity guidelines. After leaving Abart I designed their website and continue to design folders, leaflets, magazine ads and other graphics for them.

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2006, logotype

Logotype for a small business of accountants. I found it appropriate to combine a „%” sign „p” and „t” letters to form their logotype.

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„Fala” aquapark

2004, architecture

For my diploma project at Technical University of Lodz, Faculty of Architecture I designed an aquapark. It’s located in one of Lodz’s parks. It was a big structure so I wanted to reduce it’s interference with surrounding area as much as possible. Hence the idea of creating a smooth dip in the terrain and then building it at the bottom of it. Examining board liked the idea and my project a lot. I got an „A”.

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Shopping mall

2004, architecture

A concept of a shopping passage in the centre of Lodz. As I like the idea of rooftop restaurants I designed this building to have one.

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2003, architecture, 3d graphics

Optician's salon shopping window redesign. Since optics were involved I played with it. Lenses I put on the glass magnify and distort a pattern that’s behind them. This kind of effect is bound to attract looks.

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2003, architecture, 3d graphics

There are a lot of cubical houses in Poland left from the 70’s. They don’t look good. We were supposed to restyle such a „cube” into a proper piece of architecture and make a model.

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2002, architecture, 3d graphics

A newsstand. Lots of glass to make it easy to see what’s inside and to make it blend into neighborhood - glass panes reflect surroundings. And a big street number to make finding your bearings in the city a bit easier.

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2002, logotype

There’s a lot of things happening each week in a city. was a website that listed all interesting events: concerts, parties, exhibitions etc. It needed a logo that matched it’s urban character. Traffic light made perfect inspiration for a logotype.

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1999, architecture, 3d graphics

There is a problem with a lot of side walls of buildings in Lodz. They are large, windowless and plain boring. We were supposed to make them full of life again. We went creative and decided to create this high-tech pub in a tube right next to the wall.

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3d graphics and animation

1995 − 2000, 3d graphics, 3d animation

Renderings, models and animations from the period of my fascination with 3D graphics and animation.

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I am now

Currently I work as an Art Director at "Evangelist". Evangelist is a company that offers creative solutions which help businesses to take full advantage of opportunities internet creates. My creativity in the field of design complements their consulting skills.

I've been so far

Creative director, lead designer, interior designer, architect's assistant, construction and design assistant, freelancer.

I could be...

I love to design and offer a variety of design skills. If you plan to do something extraordinary and you need a versatile designer - contact me. I always look forward to do something new and exciting.

About me

Education I received at Technical University of Lodz, Faculty of Architecture, allows me to do more than just design pretty things. I find it most exciting and most rewarding to be with the project from the very early stages when concept is worked out. When designing I give a lot of thought to usability and ergonomics. I always respect technology involved and think about all the tiny details that give project it’s final shape.

I’m quite uncompromising when it comes to usability and ergonomics. At the same time I always try to be as creative as possible. I’m not afraid to experiment and look for new solutions to well known problems.

Many things draw my interest. My knowledge is quite significant in many disciplines. It often turns out that this seemingly irrelevant knowledge makes it easier to understand a problem and allows to work out a better solution. I don’t specialize in one field. I draw, animate, design graphics, interiors and architecture. I know my way around various software packages and techniques. If I don't know something I'm willing and able to learn quickly.

I am mobile phones enthusiast. Owning and using a smartphone is obviously a convenient thing. It's also an opportunity to learn, what makes a good, usable device and what does not.


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